Sayoc Tactical Group (STG) is dedicated to teaching modern, highly effective tactical training and to providing threat assessment and security analysis as envisioned by Founder and President, Christopher Castaneda Sayoc Sr.

Since its arrival in the United States, federal and security agencies, military special operations groups, tactical law enforcement groups and private security companies have sought STG. The curricula includes such things as multiple-blade deployment, combat firearms training, close quarters combat training, offensive and defensive driving, edged weapon concealment, projectiles, tactical apprehension, firearms retention, blade and empty hand grappling and specialized training such as sentry removal, prisoner management and EP/PSD/VIP protection details and operations. STG has instructed units and individuals from the US Special Operations Forces, non-DoD Government agencies, as well as Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement organizations around the country.

The consistent philosophy of STG is that all study be based on logical application and that the training continues to evolve through synthesis of all relevant information, regardless of source. Practitioners are taught how to resolve possible situations before they begin to escalate. The training encourages a proactive rather than reactive mindset. These principles help to ensure that an adherent will develop the knowledge base and presence of mind to achieve a positive outcome in a life-threatening situation.

STG’s unique training methodologies ensure that participants are not only able to “think on the fly” but to develop and maintain the skill sets to allow them to be high-level weapons practitioners.




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