Sayoc Tactical Group (STG) spent nearly two-years analyzing today’s firearms schools’ offerings and concluded the material focused the student too much on becoming a “gunfighter” when in actuality what is required is to first and foremost become a Warrior. The difference being a Warrior must be able to fight with any traditional, non-traditional or improvised weapon in the area or hand-to-hand if no weapons are immediately accessible.

STG’s analysis discovered inconsistent teachings across schools as certain techniques are based on only the instructor’s personal experience during very specific situations. Determined to demystify these teachings, STG leveraged its significant relationships and access to the most elite military units in the world to scientifically evaluate and review each firearms technique to conclude which is appropriate for certain situations and why. The results of this never before done analysis is the foundation of the STG “Warrior” curriculum.

The Warrior curriculum consists of five-levels taking the student from level 1.0, in which the fundamentals of marksmanship and Warrior mindset are taught, to level 5.0 where the Warrior is exposed to extreme environmental, physical, and mental modifiers while having to overcome complex situation- and scenario-based problems.